Getting Supercharged With Matt Blackburn

Guest: Matt Blackburn AKA the Divine Superconductor, and Owner of of MitoLife joins us today to talk about the unconventional health hacks to improve our capacity to produce useable energy, reduce inflammation and reactive oxygen species, decrease the likelihood of cancer, improve performance, enhance our hormones, and live a mindful/body conscious life! His embodiment of the information and thorough research provides such a compelling case to immerse yourself in these experiences. I know I will be practicing all of these concepts over the next few months. And I implore all of you to do the same.

00:00- 6:00 Leaving the city and living in the mountains at 7000 feet elevation in California. Matt’s biohacks to triple testosterone production and improve mental function

7:00– The case for sunlight as a form of nutrition to help improve energy, improve bone health, and improve our longevity.

8:00-10:00– The function of our mitochondria , and its purpose in our bodies. The evolution of mitochondria as a bacteria that has integrated with us. It’s what helps create our life force, and acts as our battery to help charge our bodies

11:00-13:00 Understanding exposure to different wavelengths of light and how it impacts our cell to cell communication. Wake cycles and EMF (Electromagnetic frequencies from Wifi’s and other technologies) effects on our body long term.

14:00: Understanding the impact of food and how that affects our ability to absorb sunlight without the harmful effects. The right cocktail of nutrients will help you absorb more sunlight.The total body regeneration recipe.

15:00-17:00 The affects of infrared light on our physiology and how it changes the way our body interacts emotionally, physically, and spiritually if you will

20:00 What is DHA and how it allows us to charge our body to perform at its peak on every level. How you can get it from food, and how it is absorbed the best.

22:00 We receive electrons from our food, which then allows us to create useable energy. ATP binds to water, and thats where the magic happens in our bodies. Eating less food, and thinking 2/3 of our electrons come from being barefoot, and being in the sun. And 1/3 comes from food. This is best when we are not in a polluted environment!

24:00-30:00 Mood disorders like depression and anxiety and how they are affected by biohacks like sunlight, water, and lowering our EMF activity.

31:00 Naked Sun time and getting as much of our tissues exposed to the sun is key!

34:00 – 37:00 Making these biohacks practical and easily able to implement into our lives.

37:00-40:00 The contradictory arguments from the medical field when it comes to health and wellness.

47:00-55:00 Cold water immersion and how it changes our neurochemistry, makes us happy, improves our immune system, and triples our testosterone. The things that deplete our happy chemicals like pornography, too much social media etc.

55:00-60:00 Facing emotions and other tough traumas through uncomfortable natural hacks

65:00: Humans are light bodies that emit this energy. Learning how to emit the energy you want.

70:00 where to find Matt’s products and get more information about his work


Signal chaser:
Magnesium bicarbonate and chloride

Chest Freezer: Craigslist Search “commercial chest freezer” Make sure that its at least 4 feet long.

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