Shoulder Drills You Should be Doing

If we work all day on computers, you can bet our postures begin to round forward, our breathing patterns begin to become shallow, our necks lock up, and we most likely feel nagging aches and pain in and round our shoulders. 

If we now come into the gym with the above situation, we put ourselves at risk for injuring ourselves and not feeling what we are supposed to throughout our patterns.

***Rule of thumb: Movement and breath are healing.
***Second Rule of Thumb: Purposeful movement and purposeful breath is far more effective in getting you the results you want than a haphazard practice.

If you are sitting for 5-6 hours a day, or standing for the same amount of time, it’s important to move. Unfortunately even stand up desks are not going to be sufficient for your body that is designed to do so much more! So I implore you to give your body what it needs to really succeed on all levels.

Click on the video above , and start implementing these drills for 5-6 x per exercise. Engineer time within your day. We can talk about how busy we are, but it’s a matter of prioritization. Put alarms in your phone to get up and just do it.

Your body will thank you 10x over!

Best, Sumair

Sumair Bhasin