How to Pushup - Correctly!

This may seem like a very basic post that you see everywhere. However, there may be cues that we let slip under the rug for the sake of “doing more”. Quality will always trump haphazard quantity. That’s what we are about at TLF. Working on the details that up our performance by atleast 1-2 % each time you are with us.

Here are the most common faults we see in pushups:

a) Elbows flare
b) Lower back dips and no core activation

c) Neck protrudes forward

d) No proper shoulder blade position


Now let’s correct that. 

a) Squeeze your glutes and tuck your pelvis underneath you

b) Kegel hard and pull your obliques in from both sides

c) Keep pushing your hands into the ground to keep your shoulder blades active

d) Stay in control and keep above cues on throughout the entire movement

Check out the video above, review, and bring this practice with you to class!



Sumair Bhasin