Do you Demonize Fat?

So first they tell us fat makes you fat and is the bain of your existence! If you eat fat , then you’ll jack up your cholesterol and get heart disease. But something very strange has happened ever since those guidelines were put in place. The rates of obesity and diabetes steadily increased! And as a result, the demand for medicating these individuals went up. So naturally more drugs came onto the market to help with these people’s symptoms. Now notice I said dealing with symptoms, because the actual cause of their issues have  not been dealt with. Strange huh?

Then to further confuse us some more, Time magazine came out with an article saying “Eat your Butter”. Say what?! Soon after, countless article after article comes out talking about the benefits of fat, and how we got it all wrong! I myself, had my suspicions when the guidelines came out to avoid fat like the plague. It didn’t make sense to me to have low fat, because then I would never be satiated. It would then lead me to consume more calories to meet my satiety. Or even worse, eating margarine and cooking with vegetable oils, which is like feaux food, seemed like it would be problematic down the line. Sure, at the time my young body could tolerate more of a bodily insult, but 10-15 years down the line, I would get my ass handed to me. Sure enough, for fear of not meeting the guidelines handed down to us by authority, I continued on the low fat craze while participating in intense sports/workout routines. I felt this desire for fat, but instead reached for sugary carbs to make myself feel a little better.

Over time, this lead me to develop an auto-immune disease called Hidradenitis Suppurativa. What the what? Yeah, I know, it sounds like a weird made up disease. I assure you, this is real though. I had to go on a hunt for information , which led me back to lots of veggies, higher fat content, and the best sources of animal protein. This was huge in me healing this problem. I stopped being so bloated all the time, my gas went away, my skin cleared up, I recovered from workouts easier, and my joints felt amazing. And low and behold, despite my doctors orders to cut the fat out of my diet, my HDL was through the roof and my LDL was low. And what’s more, I had a test done for inflammatory markers in the blood. This would let us know if there is inflammation developing as a result of the plaque formation in your arteries. And again, inflammation was non existent. I took it a step further and asked for an echocardiogram, which shows you an image of your heart and circulatory system. Clear again. So what’s going on?

Instead of making this a lengthy post, I have compiled for you a list of insightful articles to make sense of the demonization and later LOVE for fat again.

Here it is (All the heavy lifting has been done for you):


1. ( fat and it’s relation to cholesterol)

2. Looking at how the research has changed

3. Better tests for cardiovascular disease

4. Understanding cholesterol a little better

5. Fat rich diets and low sugar and alcohol are better at preventing you from heart disease

6. speaks for itself



Happy Reading! Much love, Sumair

Sumair Bhasin