Managing Desires vs. Expectations

What you ultimately desire, requires some serious effort. What we often expect in terms of obtaining that desire, often disappoint us. However, if what we ultimately desire, also matches our expectations, we are often pleasantly surprised. This takes:

1. A belief that you will obtain your desires, because you will do whatever it takes to get it

2. A willingness to do the work!

3. An open-ness to try new things

We are constantly working from the frame of expectation. If you are already expecting to fail, you have created your own self-fulfilling prophecy of failure. For example, if you have tried several methods to lose body fat, because you’ve expected to lose it all in 1-2 months, then you may relate. It’s frustrating, because mainstream media and even our often respected authority figures, want us to believe that we can do it all with a few “tricks” or “biohacks”. And of course, we want to believe the get it FAST mentality first. It quells our hunger for having everything we want at our finger tips. Unfortunately, the body doesn’t work on media’s skewed constructs of fitness/health.

Sadly, a lot of us fall into the trap of mass media and authority, which is completely misguided . You expected to get said result in record time, and when reality hits you, you become disappointed and doubt whether you would ever be able to get your goal.

It makes us not want to believe in the truth! Because, who the hell can you trust?!

And now the failure cycle begins of you not believing that you can achieve something. It’s because you have been fed expectations that are not based in reality! Shitty…..I know.

Now, if you have ever accomplished anything that is worthwhile, like raising kids, moving up in your job, getting a new house, getting a promotion, fighting for what’s right and winning etc, you know it took some hard ass work! You almost always spent more time on that specific task than you thought you would. You had to let the old you DIE, so you could let the new you be born. You have to let the past go. It should be of no surprise that changing your body will require the same mindset! It’s always a little longer than you think. Especially, if you have big goals.

What you desire often requires effort, energy, a different mindset , and CONSISTENT action over a long period of time. That last one is by far the most important thing to remember. Consistent action over a long period of time. And to be consistent, I will say it again, consistent action over a long period of time . So if someone sells you on hard work with practical strategies of making it a lifestyle, you ultimately have a choice:

Wait for the magical pill/gimmick and get no where, or completely immerse yourself into the process of obtaining that goal. Why? Because , you know it will take a serious commitment and an ALL IN mentality towards process over INSTA-result.

Till next time, Sumair

Sumair Bhasin