The Fallacy of "Killing it" All the Time

We have been told over and over by the media that you have to KILL IT! Go all out, work hard, sweat out of your eyeballs, bleed, grind, grit, and suck it up to be successful. I would imagine these words may inspire some, make other cringe, and for some make them feel indifferent (oh the same old advice we hear all the time).

This is a limited viewpoint when it comes to success. Go ahead and try just killing it. You’ll find out, that you have a limited source of energy. In order to keep performing, a crucial factor needs to be looked at and addressed. And no this isn’t your “oh you must be balanced ” post. I don’t believe there is such a thing as complete balance. However, there is such a thing as dynamic balance. This simply means knowing when to push it, and when to focus more on INPUT. These processes are inherent within our physiology and manifest in our nervous system: sympathetic vs parasympathetic.

It’s like a spectrum.If we are too sympathetically driven, we are in fight or flight mode (KILL IT!!! as conventional media would say), and if we are too parasympathetically driven we in rest/rejuvenate/restore mode. Understanding what side of the spectrum you are, dictates where your focus needs to be prioritized.

Therefore, just expecting someone to just kill at the gym all the time is unrealistic UNLESS, you address what they are doing outside of the gym. How are they nourishing themselves with food, water, sleep, breathing, proper supplementation, getting rid of toxic people, and tending to their emotions. And this , is what keeps most people motivated to keep showing up. Essentially having enough input, to give the best damn output they possibly can.

Sumair Bhasin