Fixing Your Back Pain Part 1

Attention all Desk Warriors! Movement is NOURISHMENT.

We bust our butt on the computer trying our best to get our work done, but our bodies get sacrificed in the process. We live in a world where most people are cerebral and not emBODIED! This simply means we fail to see the body as a crucial contributor to our health. We WILL everything with our minds, and expect our bodies to follow. And yet, it doesn’t work that way. What follows is pain, dysfunction, a lack of confidence, and bad movement patterns.

Alas, we don’t have to be slaves to our dysfunctions. However, we do need to accept the reality of sitting for 6-8 hours a day. I don’t have to reiterate that it will wreck you, and cause you to have chronic problems that a 90 year old has at the end of his/her life. We have to live above our jobs and comforts if we want continuous growth and proper function. From an evolutionary standpoint, our human biology has not changed too significantly. We are meant to move in complex and interesting ways all day! It’s inherent in our design. Just look at our hands designed to grip, pull, push, and manipulate our environment. Or how about your legs designed for locomotion? Or our arms and scapulae designed to help us climb, crawl, lift, and push/pull? When we stop giving our body what it needs innately, pain and dysfunction happens :(.

To understand how pain manifests, we must first understand :



There are tiers of control and regulation in the human body. The most important tier is the Nervous System. You can pattern what we call “motor engrams” or simply programs that run on autopilot by way of the positions we put ourselves in all day. You can even think of this as simply , what shapes do we create with our bodies all day? The more hours we put ourselves in a rounded desk-bound shape, the more duty cycles of this rack up in the body.

This means that if we train our nervous system to get stuck in a rounded “hunchback of Notre Dame ” Posture, then that’s what it will be the best at. Good luck being good at any other movement. You’ll be the best back huncher there ever was if you spend 8 hours on a desk and 1 hr in a gym. Obviously , you are telling the nervous system that the desk shape takes more priority over any other movement pattern.


Inactive glutes and hamstrings =Weakness through your spine. Good luck extending your hips. Your pelvis gets pulled into anterior pelvic tilt. Otherwise known as “twerk butt” . Your butt pokes out, and you increase the accentuation of your spine.

tight hip flexors and psoas muscles which reinforce that anterior pelvic tilt ( twerk butt). This puts undue strain on the lumbar spine.

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This turns off your abs and makes it harder to stabilize your midsection , leading to more spinal instability and pain

extremely tight quads , which imbalance the amount of force you can produce in most all of your movements.

This has a whole slew of implications upstream and downstream as well. WEAK force transfer from the ground to your arms and vice versa. WHY? because your center of gravity is WEAK and unstable.


we must re-tension the muscles that are turned off , and create slack in the ones that are locked in overly tight positions. And more importantly, train these muscles in as many ranges of motion as possible. This is what keeps your mobility longer.  To find out what exercises you can start doing to undo your back pain, stay tuned for Part 2!

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Much love,


Sumair Bhasin