Getting Real AF with Josh & Steph!

In this episode, we hang out with Josh Tarnofsky and Steph-Hendel-Tarnofsky (Recently married  !!!) of Yogathlete, Body Built By Love, The Fit and Fearless, and Love Lifestyle!

So many badass creations and businesses to list by these two. I would say these two are modern day nomads spreading the wisdom, knowledge, and experiences that help transform people’s health, wellness, fitness, mental game, and emotional health. It’s truly all-encompassing and holistic in the way they treat each individual, as well as their own lives. This power couple is based out in Orange County, California, but spread their amazing vibes all across the world. They are truly genuine in their approach, but also come at the game of health and wellness through a non-conventional method. It’s not your typical calories in calories out model. No, far from it. It really is looking at all the mental and emotional blocks that prevent us from truly immersing ourselves in the game of changing our habits to one’s that are most conducive toward energizing ourselves, nourishing our bodies, mobilizing our bodies, and learning how to love ourselves from the beginning of any change all the way to the end.

We get nitty gritty into the mindsets required to really experience health from the inside and out. As the title suggests, we get Real As F$%^ about what truly prevents people from living a life of fulfillment and enjoying the body they want to be in for the rest of their lives.


00:00-15:00min Relationships are mirrors for ourselves and allow us to grow if we truly want to. Josh and Steph share how they relate to each other, and grow from each other’s vulnerabilities and insecurities , rather than let them crush them.

18:00 -26:00 min Learning about the stories we tell ourselves that keep us stuck in mindsets that are not serving us for our highest good. This is another way of also saying assessing our belief systems and being aware of what systems serve us , and which ones hurt us in both our own lives as well as how we relate to others.

30:00-40:00 min – Communicating exactly what you feel in relation to your habits makes it crystal clear to us as to what our emotional body is saying. And from here, we can use our prefrontal cortex (self -deciding aspect of the brain) to pick the decision that is most serving for you.

41:00-44:00 – How to be real and vulnerable with yourself and the people around you?

45:00-55:00– What the heck is being authentic, and being yourself mean? How do you love yourself, and come from that place when you change your habits? What’s the practical aspect of doing all this?

56:00-60:00– Learning how to deal with family, friends, loved ones, and other people that say things to keep you the same and safe, rather than constantly reaching and striving for your goals.

61:00- 64:00 – How to get out of your own way of building muscle, burning fat, living a life of ease, and experience the kind of life you want.

65:00-70:00 -Self compassion is often overlooked , and it usually means that we take upon habits that are a bit harsh and non-serving in the long run. How do you actually start this process to help you truly change. Its not about torturing yourself in the gym, or going into starvation diets, or saying things like “I’m great, and I’m awesome” to sugar coat what is needed to truly be done to help change your life.
71:00-75:00 We look at our bodies from a perspective of how society wants us to for the purpose of grandiose marketing ploys. What may be more serving is a looking at our bodies as vehicles to drive us toward what we desire to do in our lives. Your purpose if you will. It could be that you want to love your kids and give them the best of the best. It could be that you want your career to impact people. No matter what, you will always need to see your life from whether or not your body is able to thrive. Because if it isn’t your mind will not function the way you want it to!
AND MORE about legacy, helping others , and starting with yourself first!

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Sumair Bhasin