Deadlift 101

Deadlifting is one of the most powerful movements you can learn in the gym. However, if done incorrectly, can lead to a nagging injury. If you can learn how to properly create tension in the right areas of your body,  you can really maximize the benefits from this lift. What are they might you ask? A stronger posterior chain! This means stronger back musculature, glutes, hamstrings, midline, quads, neck, the list goes on! This translates into not only your daily activities but also every other strength movement you perform in the gym. Also, say hello to a stronger postured you!

Without further a-do, enjoy the videos below!

Before moving on and watching the above video, first check out the bracing for compound movements video again!  You have to know how to brace effectively before moving any weight from point A to point B. Then after you have practiced this, check out the how to deadlift video above!

Sumair Bhasin