Endomorphs! Enjoy your Breakfast!

When we think of burning fat and building muscle at TLF, we educate our clients on the choices our body is faced with when food is put in our mouth. Obviously, the processes of the body are far more complex for the oversimplified explanation you are about to watch. However, it begins to give you a blueprint on how to navigate this oversaturated world of misguided fat loss advice.  There are many ways to skin this issue. This is a glimpse into one of them.

Hormones are Like Traffic Cops

The most important thing to remember when wanting to burn fat and build muscle is to create a hormonal environment favorable for the above process!

Think about the body like a complex roadway system. There are a plethora of processes that are occurring within you right now! And the same is the case when we are training, eating, or simply in a recovery state.  Depending on how much, the type, and how frequently we employ the above factors, it will have different effects on our hormones.  So, if we can play to the way our hormones operate (the traffic cops), we will be guided safely to our destination.

Important hormones to talk about today:

Insulin: An important hormone that is released by the pancreas which regulates our blood sugar.

Leptin: A hormone produced by your fat cells , which signals to your hypothalamus when it is time to stop eating. This is also known as the satiety center of the brain.

Growth hormone: For simplicity sake, this is a hormone that helps bone, muscle, and other tissue grow!

Now that we know some of our law enforcers , what happens when we put food into our mouth?

We must understand that there are some fundamental processes that happen in order for us to properly utilize the food we eat. So you eat your food, what next:

a) Digestion– Food is being broken down into small pieces to be further processed and eventually absorbed, and the waste effectively mobilized to the intestines

b) Absorption-Food being absorbed through the gut

c) Assimilation-Once it has been absorbed, it is then sent to muscle, organ tissue (like the liver), or fat if there is an excess amount of energy

d) Elimination-The waste products will be mobilized via your intestines, and out of the system via pooping or urine.

Throughout these processes, hormones (our traffic cops) are directing where the food needs to go! What jurisdictions do these traffic cops have in our body?

When we eat our food, leptin releases via your fat cells to let your brain know when to stop eating. However, if you are overweight, and have overridden our body’s natural way of regulating food intake, you develop leptin resistance. This is a nightmare, because now we can’t decipher whether we are satiated or not. We begin to eat more than we need, and gain way more fat than we need to. We are numbing the signaling of “stop eating” with excessively sugary and fatty foods :(.

This is also a high predictor of insulin resistance! What does insulin do you may ask?

So when we put in a certain food, insulin is released whose job is to take your foodstuff and put it in generally three places: Muscle cells if you give it a good training stimulus, organ tissue (liver) for storage/future use, or fat if there is a surplus.

If you give the body the right amount of protein, fat, and carb for your body type, you can create healthy levels of growth hormone (GH) in your body. Also, a good amount of sleep, and proper timing of your nutrients ensure healthy growth hormone levels (GH). GH is released by your pituitary gland and helps bone, muscle, and other tissues grow!

Making sense so far? Good. Pretty powerful jobs too yeah?

So How Do You Approach it if you are an Endomorph?

When we think of nutrition in regards to muscle retention and gain, while burning fat, we think of two main things first at TLF:

a) What is your demand? 

This simply means what kind of activity do you partake in everyday. If your body is not getting an appropriate stimulus to change, then your body doesn’t have any reason to do so. It is happy staying economical and expending less energy. You are responsible for dictating how you want it to change

b)What is your general body type?

Generally there are ectomorphs, endomorphs, and mesomorphs. All have varying characteristics in regards to hormones and what training, nutrition, and lifestyle factors they respond to best!

For the purpose of today we look at endomorph body types. If you align most with an endomorphic body type, you possess some of these common characteristics:

a) Rounder body type, and gain most of your fat around your torso.

b) Possess a strong capacity to put on muscle

c) More insulin Insensitive/Resistant

d) Leptin regulation isn’t the best

e) Not growth hormone dominant unless we really optimize sleep, proper food intake, and training

***We aren’t doomed to these body types. You can change your body type/become a hybrid!

Equipped with this knowledge, how do we ensure that our meals create the best environment in our body to burn fat and put on muscle? Let’s start with breakfast shall we ?

Enter Breakfast For Endomorphs

Since we know that endomorph’s leptin regulation isn’t the best, and that they are insulin insensitive, we have to be careful how much carb they take in/ when they take it in. This basically means that their capacity to sense when they’ve had too much is blunted (leptin resistance). Also, being insulin insensitive means that it takes more and more insulin to sense and deposit glucose. Which is not good!

The best bet is taking most all of the carb intake around their workouts (since carbs spike our insulin levels). And providing them with lots of strength training stimulus will assist the nutrient partitioning effect (putting most of our food into our muscle cells versus fat storage). Most of the other meals should be high in veggie, protein, and fat intake. Especially for breakfast. Starting with higher protein, veggie, and fat for an endomorph also helps release acetylcholine and dopamine from the brain , which are potent neurotransmitters involved with focus and energy! This will keep our moods stable, and less prone to crazy cravings or emotions that may make us fall into destructive habits. And last but not least, this will also improve our growth hormone release in the body which would prime our body into a muscle building state!

Start your day like this my fellow endomorphs, and let thy bodies be primed for the best version of you!!!

For more bonuses, check out the video :).

Stay tuned for more!



Sumair Bhasin