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TLF will be starting a new series where we interview everyday members that experience some amazing transformations, and share the journey/lessons learned from it. This will be the first of many.

In today’s episode, we interview resident TLF member, Lisa Chou. You’ve probably seen her in the gym crushing Personal Records, motivating you, or simply being her cheery self. This is a deeper look into how she started, her journey through the nutrition program, and her constant pursuit to improve her strength/conditioning inside and outside of the gym.

Contrary to what most people believe, 80% of her coaching done is emotional. The other 20% is actionable steps taken in the direction of her goals.

Have a listen and enjoy folks!


Topics include but are not limited to:


-Media’s portrayal of women and unrealistic fitness expectations
-Strong women= leaner and more empowered humans
-Leaving Legacies for our children to follow
-Emotional health is the key to conquering the fitness and health game
-Lisa’s fast route to deadlifting 230 in 6 months, back squatting close to 200 lbs , and benching over 100 lbs.
-Genetics, talent, and hard work-how they interplay and affect your gains in/outside of the gym
-Social Media’s curated highlights and how it affects our expectations to be successful in life
-Self love is often not what we think it is. And is often never celebrated. Instead Martyrdom is celebrated, but often destroys the martyr themselves.
-Cardio versus Strength training. Utilizing both to your advantage and your goals.
-Consistency with your lifestyle is key!
-Food is a reward?!
-Mother’s post baby fitness blues and how to overcome that
-Environment affects us more than we think!
-Choose your friends and inner circle wisely.


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