The Problem with the Fitness Industry

The problem with much of the fitness industry is that of unrealistic expectations. I’m all about dreaming, but if we don’t get very real with the work it will take to get that goal, you will continuously be disappointed.

The selling point is get six pack abs, a firmer butt, and look great naked in a very short amount of time. Hell, the stars are doing it right? Or some person you heard about through a friend was doing some fad diet, and got miraculous results. When we are bombarded with banners and motivational videos telling you that it can be done fast, a lot of us believe that we already accomplished the goal….without ever doing any significant work towards it! And this is where most of these fitness product companies CATCH YOU. They are selling you on the idea of quick results without the reality of what it takes to get said result. Shitty. I know.

First, the people you admire and/or want to look like have a completely different set of genetics, lifestyle pieces, support, and resources than you. So, stop comparing yourself consistently to people that are not uniquely you!

Second, we need to understand that our body’s design is for movement patterns! This is where our intelligence develops from. MOVEMENT. This means squatting, pushing, pulling, twisting, lunging, inverting, climbing, jumping, sprinting, running etc. If we don’t become proficient at these movements, our capacity to recruit the right muscle groups to elicit a strong training response is diminished. If you want to burn more calories, learn these skill sets first. Then, you can drill intensity, duration, and frequency to get the results you desire. However, if you can’t touch your toes, how do you expect to even get close to what you desire? And if you try to quickly reverse engineer how the body is designed, by dropping a bunch of weight quickly, you will be in for a rude awakening.

Third, you cannot out train a shitty diet. And I don’t mean just over consuming on calories. I also mean not getting enough of the right kinds of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and macronutrients (Carbs , fats, proteins). Sometimes you will be eating more food than you think. It’s just more of the right stuff, less of the unnecessary.

Fourth, if you are not focusing on the process , then what are you focusing on? Where is your energy going? Is it going towards wanting to get somewhere fast? Wouldn’t it be a better utilization of this energy, if we just put it towards the process that will get us where we want? It sounds extremely logical, and yet so many people hyper focus on the end result. The focus on getting the details of what it takes to build muscle and burn fat have gone out the window at this point. That focus is going towards daydreaming towards your end goal. And worse, hating your body and being extremely mean to yourself.

Fifth is intensity. Are you bringing intensity and discipline/love into everything you do? If you aren’t focusing on intensifying your form for example, what are you getting from your movement practice aside from going through some motions? If there isn’t attention to how much you are actually eating, aren’t you just shooting in the dark? If you show up once a week expecting to get a six pack, and the rest of the time go back to doing the same thing you always do, do you really think you can get to the results you want?

Sixth, stop training for calories burned. Start training for strength and conditioning. Focus on building muscle mass! Yes, this means you too ladies! Your body burns more calories just to maintain muscle. You keep running your butt to the ground, and you won’t have much muscle mass left. Then, you are left with a weaker, and more fat conserving body.

There’s more, but this is a good start.

Much love,Sumair

Sumair Bhasin